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Advanced Dewatering & Drying System – A Performance Model

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Since the beginning of 2006, an advanced dewatering and drying system has been operating in the United Kingdom. The facility is producing greater than 40 dry metric tonnes per day of enhanced biosolids in accordance with European Union regulations. The facility is producing biosolids with pathogen levels near minimum detectable levels. This is being achieved with an energy usage less than the usage levels typically reported for standard dewatering and thermal drying equipment combinations.

In 2004, Severn Trent Water entered into an agreement with TVD (UK) to install and operate advanced dewatering and drying equipment, the DryVac System. The facility would be sized to process 40-50 dry metric tonnes of anaerobically digested sludge at 2- 5% solids. This would process the daily sludge loading of Severn Trent Water’s Finham Wastewater Treatment plant in Coventry, United Kingdom plus additional liquid waste, which would be trucked from smaller wastewater plants in the local area. The Finham Wastewater Treatment plant serves a population of 450,000. Over the next 14 months, the DryVac system, supplied by Dehydration & Environmental Systems, Inc (USA), was designed, manufactured, and installed. TVD (UK) began operations in January 2006.

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