Advanced monitoring method for air environment

The Ogawa Passive Sampler is one of the only known methods of passive simultaneous monitoring of more than two components in the air. The first advantage of Ogawa Sampler is to have two chambers with the same configuration where one can place two different kinds of collection filter pads. In the case of simultaneous collection of NO and NO2, The  O2 collection filter foated with triethanolamine and the NOx collection filter coated with both triethenolamine and PTIO, which is specially prepared oxidation reagent of NO to NO2, are set in each of two chambers respectively. NO2 can be collected on the NO2 filters. NO is oxidized to NO2 by PTIO and then collected on the NOx filter together with NO2. On the other hand, SO2 is also collected on the NO2 collection filter at the same time. Today, The Ogawa Sampler can collect and measure NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, NH3 and O3 in the air.

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