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Advanced Water Treatment Solutions for the Food/Beverage Industry

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The agricultural/irrigation industry is one of the most demanding users of water for process applications. The availability of a sustainable supply of clean water is a necessity.

Water shortages, reduction of water quality, and environmental issues, have led to an increased awareness of the use of both treated waste water as well as the purification of well water with higher salinity or other contaminants in many areas of the world.

Reusing agricultural water as well as purifying potential alternative water supplies is highly beneficial for these companies to reduce operating costs.

Additional contamination issues included nitrates in groundwater due to the extensive use of fertilizers and retention of heavy metals and other pathogens in soils.

Biological treatment and specific media are used for soil contamination issues. Specific natural medias are being used to enhance soil fertilizer to minimize the nitrate that is contaminating the ground water while enhancing the growth of plants and produce.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. has experience in providing sustainable innovative solutions to handle agricultural companies water and soil issues.

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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovative USA manufacturer and wholesale supplier of water/waste water treatment, filtration and purification solutions to industries including the agricultural/irrigation industry worldwide. 

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