Advancing CMMS to support performance based asset management

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Courtesy of Water Environment Federation (WEF)

This paper focused on helping agencies that have already implemented a CMMS and are expecting more out of their investments. It can be a variety of improvement objectives that could include the following:
  • Desire to better align the CMMS to support their asset management program.
  • Need to apply more consistent CMMS business processes to ensure accurate data.
  • Retain knowledge of retiring baby boomers by documenting business process and operations/maintenance procedures in the CMMS.
  • Implement additional CMMS modules (i.e. parts inventory, mobile)
  • Establish performance management metrics and configure the CMMS to report.
  • Implement mobile technology to gain efficiency in operations and maintenance.
  • Replace obsolete CMMS.

Utilities recognize that the core objective of implementing a CMMS is to support their asset management goals. This paper shares our experiences in helping utilities advance their CMMS to support a performance based asset management program.

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