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A subject of considerable research in recent years, sulfate reducing bacteria have been demonstrated to be a dominant factor in the natural anaerobic biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons dissolved in groundwater. Antea Group has conducted extensive pilot testing at hundreds of sites across the United States that demonstrate the benefits of enhancing sulfate concentrations in groundwater to stimulate the biodegradation of petroleum contaminants under varied geological and hydrogeological settings.


Antea Group has developed a process for the stimulation of sulfate reducing bacteria under anaerobic conditions. The implementation of this process offers several key advantages over more conventional remediation techniques including accelerated site cleanup, cost effectiveness and minimal disruption to site and surroundings.


Pilot study results have proven successful, securing the approval of US Patent No. 7,138,060 issued November 21, 2006 and the acceptance of numerous environmental state agencies. The powerful results that our sulfate technology is capable of are demonstrated in the following project summary.

To address elevated BTEX and MTBE groundwater concentrations at an active petroleum retail facility in the District of Columbia, Antea Group implemented a sulfate enhanced corrective action plan in June of 2008. The corrective action plan was designed to apply, via gravity flow, several hundred gallons of a 20% magnesium sulfate solution within the identified residual source area using existing application points to reduce the observed BTEX and MTBE groundwater concentrations. Within six months of the sulfate solution application event, BTEX and MTBE groundwater concentrations decreased approximately 50% when compared to pre-application concentrations and had declined to below risk-based closure end-points. Regulatory incident closure was received in July 2009 resulting in a cost-savings of approximately 55% when compared to the original cost estimate.

Antea Group is proud to offer clients a green technology alternative that enhances natural conditions and reduces carbon footprints compared to conventional remediation techniques, providing a truly innovative and socially responsible approach to remediation that eliminates harm to people and to the environment.

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