Advancing the Science of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination


Courtesy of Tersus Environmental, LLC

Make the ultimate upgrade to Tersus Environmental, featuring EDS-ER™ combined with the power of Hydrogen Gas inFusion, the next evolution in Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination.

There are a number of different hydrogen donors commercially available for enhanced reductive dechlorination projects. In evaluating your options, electron donor source cost can be misleading and it is important that you understand the cost implications of the hydrogen donor(s) selected for your project. Hydrogen is the source of electron donors that drives the process. One measure to evaluate the cost effectiveness is the cost per pound of hydrogen generated.

EDS-ER is 100% fermentable. The treatment of contaminants with EDS-ER is further enhanced with the addition of hydrogen-enriched water. This patent pending process offers one of the most powerful hydrogen-releasing technologies available today at a low cost per pound of hydrogen generated.

The addition of hydrogen-enriched water to EDS-ER provides the additional benefit of reducing electron donor demand over the life of the project. Some estimates indicate a 50% reduction in substrate demand, more than offsetting the cost of the Gas inFusion technology and its application. The dissolved gas enriched water is added to EDS-ER as a dilution fluid, used as chase water, recirculation water, or as precondition waters for bioaugmentation culture.


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