Advantage of Shengyang Hermos CNC Internal Grinding Machine

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Advantage of Shengyang Hermos CNC Internal Grinding Machine is as below:

1. This CNC Internal Grinding machine uses a transparent protective bulletproof glass, to meet a wider range of vision safety premise (three sides transparent), easy to observe the internal situation.

2. Spindle lubrication using oil lubrication, compared to Japan lubricating oil mist lubrication flow control is more stable, but also more environmentally friendly (in line with European standards --- for people, the environment).

3. Japan's Daikin hydraulic pump uses the latest technology inverter pumps, piston pumps compared to ordinary fixed speed Toyo uses more energy.

4. Machine tools, grinding wheels, rollers, processing software, the company's products are easier to optimize the performance of the product, to provide users with a full set of grinding solutions.

5. Shengyang Hermos CNC Internal Grinding Machine has the same performance as Toyo machines, while we have more advantages in the price, sales and maintenance services. Any issues raised by customers, a response within 24 hours will be achieved.

6. English interface, manuals, drawings will be provided, which also contribute to the operation of the existing equipment, 15-inch touch-screen interface is far superior to similar manufacturers (Japan 10-inch), more conducive to the operation.

7.Rittal standard reference design, production of cabinets, spacious interior, reasonable size, heat faster, help system stability, reduce the rate of aging components, to extend the use of time components.

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