Advantages of Auto Fill and Auto Dump Upholstery Cleaners!

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When using upholstery cleaners and carpet washer systems for relatively small cleaning tasks, the filling and dumping process does not feel like a very tough job. In fact, an operator may be able to finish quite a bit of cleaning before the solution tanks need to be filled and the recovery tanks need to be emptied. In case, an operator needs to clean a larger area, the process of filling and dumping can become very time consuming.

This is a problem that is associated with many conventional carpet washing systems and upholstery cleaners. The user has to stop frequently to empty and fill the tanks while using these upholstery cleaners. This problem is actually two fold. One problem is that the solution and recovery tanks are often too small. Another problem is the manual refilling and dumping, which can increase the average cleaning time considerably.

An automatic solution!
For larger cleaning tasks, carpet washer systems with automatic refill and dumping capabilities can provide a faster and more efficient cleaning. These units generally have larger recovery and solution tanks. The larger tanks ensure that the operator can clean for a longer time, without any interruptions.

The solution tank of such carpet wash machines will be attached to a water source through a hose. When the levels in the solution tank fall below a certain level, it automatically starts the refilling process. The user can continue with the job in the meantime.

The recovery tanks work on a similar principle. These tanks are attached to a drain through a hose. When the liquid in the recovery tank reaches a certain level, the auto-dump feature kicks in and starts emptying the tank into the drain. The user does not get interrupted at all, and can finish the task much faster.

A world of features!
Apart from having auto-dump and auto-fill features, there are upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaning machines with a number of other helpful features as well. Some of the best carpet cleaners and carpet cleaner extractors on the market come with a special low water flow technology. Contrary to what many people may think, portable carpet cleaners do not need to use large amounts of water to clean a carpet. Excessive water usage can actually make it difficult for the carpet to dry.

The best carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners rely less on water and more on suction power to get the carpets clean. Such carpet cleaning machines and portable carpet cleaners allow carpets to dry out faster. This feature is extremely useful in humid climates, or in areas that have little or no ventilation.

Using portable carpet cleaners with faster drying times also mean that there is a reduced risk of fungus, germs, and bacteria taking root and growing in the damp material. Some of the bacteria commonly found in damp carpets include Norovirus, Salmonella, and Campylobacter. These bacteria can cause asthma, frequent colds, and many other health issues. Faster drying times also reduce the risk of the carpets emitting a foul odor due to dampness. Choose your carpet cleaner extractors wisely!

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