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Advantages of edge deployment with thermo bond concrete buildings


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As companies start to distribute their computing to the edge, one of the most critical decisions they need to make is which type of building works best for their application. Edge computing requires solid, secure facilities and networks. Industry experts advise that edge computing equipment should be installed in structures that are built as robust as large data centers with the same concerns for sensitivity, survivability and security.

With those factors in mind, concrete buildings are by far the best option. Have you ever wondered why large data centers and most modular buildings on cellular sites are concrete? It’s because concrete buildings provide the highest physical security. However, not all concrete buildings are alike. The highest security buildings are manufactured with lightweight aggregate with no fibers in the mix, 4” solid concrete walls, and a concrete roof and floor.

Built with 5,000 PSI lightweight solid steel reinforced concrete, Thermo Bond’s pre-cast concrete buildings are the ideal solution for edge computing infrastructure. Addressing concerns for sensitivity, survivability and security, they provide a durable option that is energy efficient, maintenance-free, and inherently secure. Another benefit is that unlike steel, concrete provides an additional layer of insulation to guard against large temperature fluctuations.

There is a misconception in the industry that steel buildings are a less costly alternative for edge computing. Not only are concrete buildings far superior to steel buildings for protecting your critical equipment, when you consider life cycle costs of maintenance-free, non-corrosive concrete buildings vs. steel, concrete is much less costly.

Listed below are the advantages of using Thermo Bond’s concrete buildings instead of steel buildings for edge computing deployments.

Advantages of Thermo Bond’s Concrete Modular Buildings

  • Highest Physical Security – Our concrete buildings protect your critical equipment with a hardened facility. Steel buildings can be breached quickly with a handheld steel band saw or torch not meeting some forced entry protection requirements.
  • Naturally Bullet and Fire Resistant – Thermo Bond’s concrete buildings are U.L. 752 bullet resistant up to and including 30:06 caliber rifle fired at point blank range, and 2-hour fire rated. When setting a new structure on a site, cities require setback distances from other nearby structures anywhere from 20 to 50 feet if the structure added to the site is not fire-rated. Typically required is a 2-hour fire rating to place the new structure within 3 to 10 feet of the existing structure.
  • High Wind Loading – The typical Thermo Bond solid concrete building wind loading is 150 mph. Strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds.
  • Non-Conductive – Concrete is not a safety hazard to personnel like a steel building can be when there is poor grounding, a short or arc to the building, or fallen electrical lines from a storm.
  • Protection from Falling Ice When Located on a Cell Site – Large chunks of ice typically fall from towers during winter months. Often times they can weight 50 lbs. and drift with the wind. Many of the buildings on cell sites are hit, but those with concrete shelters experience no roof damage. Steel buildings, on the other hand, often are either penetrated or suffer large depressions in the roof which can hold water and eventually rust through causing leaks.
  • Maintenance-Free – Concrete buildings require little to no maintenance while blowing debris, vandalism and storms can cause steel buildings to get paint scratches and chips which lead to rust and must be continually repaired and painted.
  • Cost-Efficient – The life cycle of maintenance-free, non-corrosive concrete buildings makes them much more cost-efficient compared to steel buildings which can be easily damaged.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Using concrete buildings on existing cell sites blends in with the other buildings on site and are similar in appearance. Not only will cities better accept a consistent appearance, it avoids drawing attention to the new building for potential vandals.

With 40 years of experience providing modular buildings and 3 manufacturing facilities, Thermo Bond has the capacity to support large nationwide rollouts. Offering a total building solution, we also have the ability to fully integrate your specialized equipment. Our team of experienced technicians and licensed electricians work with a variety of manufacturers and can provide you with large discounts on support equipment along with a professional installation. We have an extensive Quality Control program, and factory test all equipment for quality and reliability prior to shipment.

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