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Advantages of Enterprise Knowledge Systems and Data Dashboards


Environmental organizations typically have some form of Environmental Management System (EMS) in place and these systems accumulate vast amounts of asset, financial, operational, and emission information. Agency requirements coupled with new Sarbanes-Oxley obligations and company data retention policies cause this information to rapidly accumulate to the point of unmanageability and many competing solutions arise from the need of storing, aggregating, analyzing, and reporting this information. Central to the efficiency of an organization is how it codifies this vast amount of localized information into usable knowledge that leads to wisdom at an enterprise level.

By being proactive and approaching environmental initiatives from a global perspective, organizations can move beyond simply enabling compliance. They can answer the moral imperative of being good corporate citizens while strengthening their businesses by recognizing hidden efficiencies and thus uncovering the economic benefits of sound environmental sustainability practices.

This is accomplished by implementing a system that manages their knowledge and evolves the processes to incorporate best practices, organizational, and environmental changes. The information gathered from the various processes must be continually available in a manner that is obvious, timely, and appropriate. This ultimate step is addressed by using data dashboards that allow for a completely customizable experience that is tailored to the user’s area of responsibility. Armed with the appropriate metrics, key performance indicators, and analysis available at a glance, all members at every level of an organization are empowered and encouraged to improve the underlying processes, and thereby, the organization.

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