Advice on choosing 2010 compatible specs for heavy haulers

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Heavy haulers that transport loads above 120,000 pounds gross combination weight (GCW) must carefully specify their trucks for both durability and power. An over-spec’d truck may reduce fuel mileage and increase acquisition costs, while an under spec’d truck may not be sufficient to move the load, or may increase maintenance costs. The challenge is to achieve the right balance between the truck’s job requirement and expected annual mileage to help produce the lowest operating cost per mile.

2010 Engines—SCR or EGR
This year, that challenge has increased with 2010 federal engine emissions standards in the United States and Canada. When it’s time to purchase new trucks, these standards may necessitate some changes to the heavy hauler’s current equipment configurations. The extent of these changes depends upon each heavy hauler’s choice between two available engine technologies, which may also affect truck performance and operating costs over its lifetime. Heavy haulers can choose an engine after-treatment approach that uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology in combination with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), or an in-cylinder approach through increased EGR.

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