AEMS signals methane concentration for Landfill Systems case study


Courtesy of Geotech


Landfill - power generation


AEMS and GA3000


United Kingdom


Landfill Systems


Landfill Systems needed a fixed gas analyser with telemtery for landfill gas power generation.


Initially Landfill Systems fitted the Geotech Automated Extraction Monitoring System (AEMS). Now it specifies the recently introduced Geotech GA3000 static gas analyser designed for very easy user installation with 4-20mA outputs showing concentrations of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) and, optionally, hydrogen sulphide (H2S). According to Nick Palmer, director at Landfill Systems, the main purpose for static gas analysers on landfill gas power generation projects is to provide information and protection to staff and systems. The permanent display of gas content shows operators what is going on and the Geotech analysers generate a 'methane concentration' signal which many gas engines require to operate and ramp the engine load up or down. Gas concentration signals of CO2, O2 and H2S and pre-defined settings protect the CHP/gas engines and may divert low-grade gas to flare.

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