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Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

IN 1990, CIRCUIT ENGINEERING began importing the Aire-02 Triton Aerators from the United States. With over 60 000 installations of the Air-02 Aerators currently in operation worldwide, Aeration Industries is one of the world's leading aerator companies. This month. Water&Sanitation Africa spoke to Ryan Beswick, director of Circuit Environmental Engineering, to find out more about these exceptional aerators and the strong ties between Circuit Holdings and Aeration Industries.

Beswick explains the origins of the Circuit Engineering-Aeration Industries relationship: 'Circuit Engineering was started in 1980 by my late father - Jack Beswick - from which time the company manufactured all types of equipment and machinery in stainless steel. As time went by, he found that R&D (research and development) in South Africa relating to the effects of water on stainless steel was lacking, and due to the political circumstances, this situation worsened as he realised that people were buying what was available, which was not necessarily best for the application.' Beswick continues, 'When the sanctions were lifted, Jack Beswick searched the world for the best products and in 1990 started importing the Aire-Oj Triton Aerators (a product of Aeration Industries) from the United States of America (USA)/'

Branching out

Beswick reveals that following the tremendous success of the Air-02 Triton Aerators, Circuit Engineering expanded through the formation of Circuit Environmental Engineering. This company was formed as a separate entity with the core focus on rhe water industry - supplying only the best equipment available worldwide to this market sector in South Africa.

The formation of Circuit Environmental meant that circuit engineering could cover almost all aspects of a wastewater facility. Beswick explains, 'We supply the major equipment needs of any wastewater facility.

At the inlet of the works we supply screens from Meva - Nordic Water a Swedish company For anoxic and anaerobic digestion we supply mixers by Aire-02, for aerobic basins we supply Aire-Oj Aerators, and at the end of the process we supply the dewatering equipment from EMO a French manufacturing company which also manufactures parts for Airbus. ''

Since 1990, when Circuit Engineering first started importing the Aire-02 Triton Aerators, the products have proven to be an extremely popular choice for application in wastewater treatment plants across Southern Africa. But what made Aire-Q2 Triton Aerators so popular?

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