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Aerators solve buildup and algae issues on lagoon - Case Study


Courtesy of DO2E Wastewater Treatment

The City of Monroeville, Alabama, had aeration and mixing issues, a biosolids buildup and an algae problem in the sewage lagoon. This resulted from a 90 percent decrease in influent after closure of a garment manufacturing facility.

DO2E Waste Water Treatment provided two 5 hp floating aerators and two 3 hp floating mixers (suspended shearing digesters/aerators). The sludge buildup cleared almost immediately; in one week the algae had been removed from the treated part of the lagoon.

From January 2010 through September 2015, no algae was present. The dissolved oxygen levels varied from 8.5 to 12 ppm over that period. The success is attributed to the increase in dissolved oxygen in the lagoon, destratification of the water column due to the draw from the aerators, shear forces from the aerators and floating mixers, and increased reactivity as solid particulates were reduced in size and therefore increased the surface area to interact with microbial enzymes present in the naturally occurring bioflora.

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