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Aerospace Company saves time, improves compliance assurance with opsEnvironmental™


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Streamlined environmental data management enables time savings of over 1,100 hours per
year at one facility alone.

The Company

This confidential company is a Fortune 500 aerospace and defense company with headquarters in the U.S. and operations across the globe. The facility featured in this case study is one of the company’s largest sites, employing about 4500 people in the manufacture of cutting-edge military aircraft as well as in other defenserelated programs.

The Challenge

Due to the diversity of processes and chemicals used in aircraft manufacturing, the facility faces an extremely complex array of environmental compliance challenges. The facility has over 180 pieces of permitted equipment in three different air quality management districts. A piecemeal compliance management system based on spreadsheets and paper logs was proving increasingly insufficient, prompting EHS staff to conclude that a data management system was necessary in order to effectively address the facility’s stringent local, state and national regulatory requirements.

The Solution

IHS’s opsEnvironmental™ was selected by facility staff in part because the software had already been deployed with a high degree of success at other sites within the same company. The software was implemented in a twelve-month time frame and is now being utilized by approximately 200 employees throughout the facility. In the three years since its deployment, the opsEnvironmental™ system has significantly reduced the costs associated with regulatory tracking and reporting while also increasing compliance assurance.

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