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Aerospace: Portable Cleanroom Control - Case Study


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The Challenge:

A prime aerospace and defense corporation came to us with a calibration system challenge in their airborne laser defense system. The calibration system needed to mount inside a modified Boeing-747 designed as a missile defense system to destroy tactical ballistic missiles. The missile defense system used two kilowatt-class Target Illuminator Lasers for target tracking. These lasers needed to remain precisely calibrated to ensure accuracy at all times, and their calibration had to be performed under highly controlled environmental conditions. [An inaccurate missile defense system means inbound missiles are more likely to make it through defenses – the exact thing the missile defense system is trying to prevent!]

Aerospace: Portable Cleanroom Control - Case Study

The Solution:

Air Innovations designed a portable, self-contained portable cleanroom air conditioner system that sits outside the plane and is connected via flex duct to the avionics that carry the laser-guided missiles. After each sortie, optics in the lasers are recalibrated in the cleanroom-level conditions the Air Innovations environmental control unit creates. This aerospace environmental control system is equipped with high-static blowers that push through not only the required HEPA filters but also through extensive ducting.

The Result:

1. All design specifications were met.

2. The portable cleanroom control system includes cooling, heating, humidification, HEPA filtration and all necessary controls.

3. The solution was designed, tested, and manufactured at the Air Innovation’s facility.

4. Air Innovations’ largest unit built with wheels.

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