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Aerospace Treatability


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The facility uses this Zyglo penetrant for examination of their aerospace components that they manufacturer. The company pre-ozonates their wastewater before a reverse osmosis unit and the entrained oils required back flushing of the membranes every 1,000 gallons. They are looking at a solution to clarify the water and remove the oil before the membranes.

The wastewater received was at a pH of 6.0 and smelled as if it had gone anaerobic (which tends to drop the pH). A little bit of caustic (NaOH) was added (0.5 ml of a 20% solution per 100 ml of sample) to bring it to a pH of 7.5+/-. Floccin J was added at an optimal dosage of 0.3 grams/100 ml (25 lbs./1,000 gallons) producing very good water clarity with no noticeable oils. The mixing energy required was rapid for 2 minutes and then 1 minute of moderate mixing. The flocculated jar was then filtered using a paper towel (simulates a filter).

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