Aerzen Offers Plant Monitoring in Real Time


Courtesy of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Delta Real Time MonitoringFollowing extensive field tests, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik can now offer its permanent machine monitoring system “Delta Real Time Monitoring” for the entire delivery programme. With this real time system, which provides a very high level of security, Aerzen is able to satisfy requests from plant operators for high-quality process sequences.

If the vibrations from a twin-shaft machine exceed the stipulated limit values this can signal a technical problem or the need for a repair or an overhaul. If such indicators are recognised early enough, preventive maintenance work can be scheduled and unexpected breakdowns, serious damages and high downtime costs can be avoided to the largest possible extent.

This is exactly what “Delta Real Time Monitoring” achieves. It can be integrated into each new Aerzen unit, and can also be retrofitted.The system monitors vibrations, the pressure and the temperature of the machine via sensors, and it can also integrate the Aerzen AERtronic-control system. All of the measured values of up to eight di- agnostic units are merged in real time in an independent switch cabinet and these are transmitted immediately via internet, ethernet or GSM-modem to a special server at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik. There, all this data is stored and it can be retrieved at any time. Upon request, the operator can receive a visual display of the data in the central control room. At least once a week the Aerzen service department checks the condition of the machine and, according to the terms of the contract, prepares a report about the condition of the unit on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. If so required, they will also prepare and submit optimisation proposals for safe and trouble-free operation.

If limit values are exceeded, information is generated automatically via SMS or e-mail, so that any necessary further steps can be taken, such as shutdown, limited operation of the plant or the deployment of an Aerzen technician. For the installation of the hardware and the monitoring service for three years a monthly fee is payable; after that, only a reduced service fee is payable. Costs incurred beyond the normal warranty due to maintenance or the need for spare parts are invoiced separately.

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