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When Spanish ex- plorer Sebastian Vizcaino anchored off the windswept white beach and dunes between the Carmel and Monterey bays more than 400 years ago, he could not have envisioned the environmental ebb and flow of the place now called Spanish Bay. There was no 17-Mile Drive, no Asilomar Conference Center, no city of Pacific Grove. He did see a spec- tacular length of beach, offshore rocks hosting scores of sea lions, a dense and primeval forest, and, undoubt- edly, sea otters frolicking in the kelp beds.

Monterey Bay made a much safer harbor and, almost 170 years later, an excellent site for a fort (the Presidio), piers, and customs operations for I Monterey, the capital of Alta California. The winds, waves, and sudden squalls common to Spanish Bay left commer- cial development largely to the early 20th century, when Samuel F.B. Morse, a distant cousin of the inventor of the telegraph, began to mine the dunes there for sand. The rusting remains of the conveyors and other equipment from the operation were still there in the early 1970s.

Morse was a founder and early manager of the Del Monte Properties Co., which, through several incarnations, became the Pebble Beach Co. Considered the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi, the links at the Del Monte Lodge were built in 1897; the world-famous and scenic course at Pebble Beach was built in 1919. Because of it weath- er, however, Spanish Bay was not considered ideal for a golf course.

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