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Affordable Commercial Can Crusher

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Industries such as painting contractors, restaurants, restaurant supply companies, auto body and auto body suppliers and even bars across the globe have been looking for an affordable aluminum can crusher for the last 10-12 years have been on the hunt for a affordable commercial can crusher that will crush up to 5 gallon cans for under $2,500 US.

The main problem is most commercial can crushers take up to much space and cost a small fortune to ship and install. If they brake down it can cost thousands to fix. Then there are also maintenance issues. The small companies just cant aforde these types of expenses.

They need to be able to get ride of there cans in a way that does not fill the dumpster causing astronomical dollars in waste, there is so much competition these areas that every dollar counts.

Finally there is just the can crusher out there that fits in to the markets mentioned above, its called the “little Squeeze”.

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