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AFM water treatment for biodiversity

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The discharge of List 1 bio-accumulated chemicals into the marine environment is one of the most serious forms of pollution that we inflict on our environment.

The marine enviroment is responsible for the production of most of our oxygen and reduction of carbon dioxide. Tropical rainforrests and terestial plants are also extremely important in dictating our local climate, however they contribute less than 10% to carbon diocide consumption.

Single celled algae in our seas control our atmosthere, and these organisms are extremely sensitive to List 1 chemicals such as PCB's. Most of the list 1 chemicals come from the discharge of sewage effluent, however there is not an effective way of completely eliminating their discharge.

At Dryden Aqua AFM filter media is now being used in standard sand filters for the tertiary treatment of sewage effluent. AFM can be used for this application becuase it does not biofoul or become blocked by the effluent. AFM therefore removes most of the solids and bacterial cell biomass that contains the List 1 chemicals.

For the first time Dryden Aqua offer a simple low cost solution that can almost eliminate enevironmental pollution, an may possibly help to prevent Global Warming.

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