African Waterbird Census newsletter #5


Courtesy of Wetlands International

This is an annual update for all those involved in the African Waterbird Census.

Update on the status of the IWC & AfWC
Following from a meeting of members in Edinburgh this year, Wetlands International has committed to major changes in the governance of the International Waterbird Census and its relation with other waterbird monitoring schemes. More details are available from our new Waterbird Forum. We are still in the midst of this process, but would like to take the opportunity to outline how these changes relate to all of your efforts in contributing to the African Waterbird Census.

Reorganisation of the IWC
The International Waterbird Census went through an external review funded by the UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee in 2009 and 2010. In reflection to the outcomes of the review, Wetlands International has implemented a reorganisation of the coordination of the scheme. After the completion of his role as Regional Waterbird Officer for Eastern and Southern Africa under the framework of the Wings Over Wetlands Project, Oliver Nasirwa has started working on a new project of Wetlands International in East Africa and his regional coordination role has been taken over by the Wetlands International HQ, where Stephan Flink (Technical Officer) and Tom Langendoen (Technical Assistant) are working on adding your data submissions from the AfWC to the IWC database. Pending on the success of our fundraising efforts, we will continue working with Oliver, Moussa Diop and Tim Dodman on capacity building and regional coordination.

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