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After-Sales Service Meeting in Nanjing, China

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Courtesy of Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

In November, Peak Scientific held a meeting about after-sales service in Nanjing, China. This meeting attracted many laboratory scientists from universities, government agencies, and other companies in Nanjing.

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Eric Yu Sales Manager of Peak Scientific China, started off the meeting by giving a welcome speech. Then, Product Specialist Ruby Wen, China Service Manager Eric Suo, and Senior Engineer Xiaoming Luo, gave attendees useful insights on Peak’s gas products  and after-sales maintenance services. In addition, a representative from Agilent Technologies, shared information about Peak generators with Agilent products used in China.

China engineer

Senior Engineer Xiaoming Luo introduced Peak products

The meeting was quite lively with attendees actively participating and discussing. The main focus was laboratory applications, such as laboratory centralized gas supply and hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC & GC-MS.

Nanjing confernce

Discussion during the conference

There was also a demonstration and training session on 5 different Peak gas generators so that attendees were able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the generators internal structure and how the generators operate. Our certified Peak engineers explained the important components of our gas generators, and the technology used within the generators, to further deepen the participants knowledge and understanding of Peak products. The engineers also conducted discussions on practical problems users may face when using a generator.