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Agent-based modelling of interdependent critical infrastructures


Critical interdependent infrastructures are complex systems, that if damaged or disrupted can seriously compromise the welfare of our society. This research, part of the CRESCO project, deal with the problem of interdependent critical infrastructures analysis, proposing an agent-based modelling and simulation solution. The approach we put forward, named Federated-ABMS, relies on discrete agent-based modelling and simulation and federated simulation. Federated-ABMS provides a formalism to model compound complex systems, composed of interacting systems, as federation of interacting agents and sector specific simulation models. This paper describes the formal model as well it outlines the steps that characterise the Federated-ABMS methodology, here applied to a target system, composed of a communication network and of a power grid. Moreover we conclude the paper with a thorough discussion of implementation issues.

Keywords: agent-based modelling, agent-based simulation, critical infrastructures, infrastructure protection, interdependency analysis, federated simulation, infrastructure dependencies, communications networks, power grid, agent-based systems, multi-agent systems

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