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Agile Compliance Management Systems for Environmental, Health and Safety

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Compliance is not an optional activity. The regulated community is well aware of the serious consequences of NOT complying. Unfortunately, achieving and/or assuring compliance can be a tremendous challenge.

Manual compliance management processes can place a huge time and money burden on major corporations and govenrment agencies. Business and reulatory pressures, as well as the sheer volume of data, are compelling reasons for organizations to seek an environmental, health and safety (EH&S) management information system (EMIS) for compliance.

Unfortunately, software systems for compliance management can pose many challenges. Even well designed systems can be difficult to manage. Many commercial software systems exist, but what constitutes a capable system?

This white paper lays out the framework for an 'Agile' Compliance Management System. Such systems support continuous improvement and have certain characteristics—building upon well-established methods developed in the software industry.

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