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AGIP KCO - H2S elimination


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CETCO was approached by AGIP KCO and asked to propose a treatment package capable of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) removal from aqueous fluid returns from well flow back and stimulation activities. These activities were planned for new well perforation flow backs and acid stimulations in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Kazakhstan. Here, production wells typically produce gas with extremely high concentrations of H2S (>30%).

CETCO initially designed and mobilised a temporary equipment package for trial purposes. The temporary CETCO package supplied consisted of a 100 bbl capacity weirbox and a RFV 2000 skid containing the patented CrudeSorb® adsorption media. Liberated H2S gas was routed to flare. A complex chemical treatment philosophy was also formulated in order to satisfy client requirements.

Operational success was demonstrated by CETCO throughout the trials as treatment methods were adapted to changing fluid and client requirements.

Fluid transfer, chemical injection, H2S detection and analysis was performed by CETCO during each stage of treatment. CETCO successfully treated a total of approximately 2600 bbls of flow back fluids for subsequent disposal. The water was exported by CETCO to a standby barge for transportation to an offshore disposal site. In all cases zero H2S was detectable in the treated water.

A permanent, purpose built, CETCO package has now been designed for future well test and flow back operations.

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