Thermal Energy International Inc.

Agrior Project, Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Compost Drying Application

Agrior makes high value organic fertilizers by composting a mixture of animal manure and organic municipal and industrial wastewater treatment sludge.

A DRY-REX low-temperature drying system was designed and installed at Agrior’s facility to dry the mixture into high-quality compost. The low-temperature process results in the drying of the manure with minimal emissions and odors which would be associated with high-temperature processes.

The DRY-REX solution takes the manure and sludge mixture which contains 45% solids, granulates it and then dries it to form high-quality compost in excess of 90% solids by weight. Daily production is at a rate of 23 dry tons a day, with an evaporation rate in excess of 2 tons/hr of water from the manure.


  • Low value waste products are converted into high-value compost product
  • Significant reduction in odors associated with disposal and spreading of wet biowaste as fertilizer

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