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Aims, obstacles and potential stakeholders of macro-engineering projects


Macro-engineering involves the large-scale modification and manipulation of natural systems for the benefit of mankind. Some of the major applications of macro-engineering are power production, land reclamation, food production, climate change, environment, water, transport, coastal protection and the protection against (future) disasters. Several of these applications may come together within the same project, and environmental aspects are invariably part of it. Examples of macro-engineering will be briefly discussed, mainly to find out more about the kind of problems such macro-projects can cause and possible mitigating measures that can be taken to reduce their impact. Although the definition of macro-engineering given above states that it is for the benefit of mankind, each individual project will be in general benefit for only a part of mankind. Finding out which parties benefit the most from a particular project makes it easier to assess the most likely sources of funding.

Keywords: climate change, coastal protection, energy, environmental impact, food production, transport, water, power generation, macroengineering projects, disaster prevention, land reclamation, macro-engineering

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