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Air contaminants modelling by use of several receptor-oriented models

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Two data sets were apportioned by the use of several models (chemical mass balance (CMB), principal components analysis-absolute principal components scores (PCA-APCS), positive matrix factorisation (PMF) and UNMIX). Source apportionment were results derived from the CMB modelling applied to the data from Vienna point traffic source, paved road and crustal dust as the dominant contributors to the PM10 total mass. The major contributors of PM10 aerosol mass in Cracow with respect to PCA-APCS, PMF and UNMIX applied include: boiler, stoves and industrial power plants (coal), secondary emission (including coal), gasoline, soil and road dust.

Keywords: environmetrics, particulate matter, source apportionment, CMB, chemical mass balance, PMF, positive matrix factorisation, UNMIX, Cracow, Poland, Vienna, Austria, air pollution, air quality, modelling, receptor-oriented models, principal component analysis, PCA, emissions

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