Air Filters 101: What You Need to Know About Air Filters


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A lot of people don’t really change their air filters as often as they should – in fact, these people probably aren’t aware of just how often these need to be changed. Quite often, air filters are changed when visible dust and particles gather up on the furnace vents – which should not be the case at all, ideally. Read on to learn more about air filters, and how changing them frequently can help improve your family’s health. 

What ARE air filters?

As its name suggests, these are parts of your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that filter out or remove harmful particles from indoor air, such as bacteria, thereby cleaning the air that you breathe in indoors. Clean indoor air often makes homes much more refreshing, and healthier for everyone living in it. Having good quality air filters can remove harmful bacteria, viruses, dust, and molds. 

How often should I change them?

It is recommended to change your air filters once every 3 months, although if you have pets, it is more ideal to change them every month or two. Changing your air filters should be a priority, as not doing so may have negative effects to both your health and that of your HVAC system. So long as you have your HVAC system running, the air filter will collect particulates from the air that passes through it, and these can accumulate over time. The air filter with a lot of particulates makes the suctioning of air slower, and your HVAC system to work doubly harder just to do so. Avoid having it die on you by regularly changing your air filters before it actually shows signs of letting up.

Indoor air quality – why should it matter?

Indoor air pollution is a real threat that is part of the top 5 health risks the world over. The amount of air pollution indoors can affect indoor air quality, which is very important for the health of the people living in the home. Indoor air quality determines the level of comfort inside a home, and can mean life or death for those who suffer from respiratory problems.

How do I know which air filter to buy?

Not all filters are the same, in fact, they can in different shapes and sizes. Determining the air filter size you need is simple – just check the side of the filter on the return. Also, do your research. You can search for the best air filters online before heading out to buy them from your local store.

Air filters are important in maintaining the quality of indoor air in your home. Making sure that they are changed regularly will not only keep air pollutants at bay, but could also keep your HVAC system from overuse due to filtration issues, thereby helping you save more in the long run by keeping it functioning longer than it otherwise would have. 

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