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Air pollution and odour control treatment plant of contaminated air during industrial drums and package remediation process


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EuroVeneta Fusti srl is an italian market leader in industrial drums and package recovery, remediation and reuse. Sited in Triveneto, in Mira next to Venice, EuroVeneta Fusti operates old drums collection, processing, regeneration and new ratification of industrial packages (such as metal drums and IBC - Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Thanks to mr. Luciano Bazzato managerial skills and insights - EuroVeneta Fusti lives its third generation as a family business - the company became one of the most expertise in industrial packaging recycling, usually known as to be 'hard' to process. At the end of the process of regeneration, the package is then reused and recicled to market, giving new life to a solid waste otherwise sent to landfill or destruction. A wide range of metal and plastic drums or Intermediate Bulk Containers is recycled and reused (about 100.000 pieces/year).

Problem and its solution

EuroVeneta Fusti designed and made a confined space cabin to process industrial package in total safety. The industrial package contained hazardous and odorous substances. Right now, those packages which contained such a substance were not accepted and processed by EuroVeneta fusti. With the new plant the operator safety is improved, then the environment impact for those it concerns olfactory pollution is improved too. EuroVeneta Fusti opened a new possibility for the processing and regeneration of packages before sent directly to landfill. 

The confined space cabin is designed to allow the opening of drum and the washing operation totally safe, under suction hoods and under low depression. The full area is indeed equipped with waste air suction section and fresh air intake section, and every stationing point is automoatically set to do so (the plant is fully automated).

The plant is automated with PLC control system, with touch screen display and lets the operator to set the washing receipes in order to process better each drum or package.

The sucked exhaust is then sent to the packed column vertical scrubber (two stages/three chemicals) for the odor control with a Vertical Scrubber V2E-p.

The new air purification treatment plant for fumes substitutes the existing one (an activated carbon filter).

Further developments

Our customer EuroVeneta fusti srl forecasts to increase customers for the service of collection and washing/remediation of industrial package, acquiring new supplies. Anyway, the new plant warrants improved safety working conditions for the operators and realizes a better environmental performance to remove air pollutants inside exhausts.

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