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Air Quality Data Logging for the 21st Century


Courtesy of recordum Messtechnik GmbH

Air Quality Professionals all over the world have to deal with fewer resources, regarding both funding and manpower. However the demands in availability and quality of data increase constantly not least caused by regulations.

recordum™ recently introduced the airhopper™ to link all kinds of analyzers and air quality professional’s desktops using the potentials of the Internet.

Vienna - All over the world air quality monitoring professionals have to deal with limited and in most of the cases even shrinking funds for their daily business. State-of-the-art monitoring equipment still requires a certain amount of control. Traditional data logging devices provide in the best case the transfer of alarm messages from a monitoring station to a central station over a dedicated modem connection. In addition to that the operator needs special software on his computer to access data and status information.

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