Air quality information in Oslo via SMS

Where ever you are... now you can receive information about the air quality in Oslo on your mobile phone or by e-mail. The service will also be offered to other Norwegian cities in the near future. The system is enabled by the AirOnline application developed by NILU.

The service includes a daily forecast service and messages with information about the air quality status. The status is based on measurements from several locations in Oslo. The air quality status is given as an Air Quality Index, based on measurements of particles (PM10 and PM2,5) and NO2. The user defines the level of pollution for which she wishes to receive information on the air quality status and for which areas.

The service includes SMS and e-mail. The user can either subscribe to daily messages by SMS and/or e-mail, or request information via SMS when needed. The e-mail messages include health information and recommendations.

Air quality information in Oslo via SMS
The e-mail messages are free of charge. The SMS messages are also free of charge for the time being, but will cost NOK 1 in the near future.

More detailed information is available on:, which is the Norwegian national parallel of international AirOnline system.

Air quality on the Internet

The most advanced and yet easy solution to implement air quality information services, including SMS, on the Internet is using the AirOnline web system developed by NILU. AirOnline is a NILU hosted web-solution for on-line dissemination and presentation of air quality data and information from monitoring stations located within one or several cities.

AirOnline consists of public pages as well as administrative pages. The administrative pages enable the representatives of the monitoring network within a city, or at the national level, to control all the information and data that is displayed on the public pages.

Air quality information in Oslo via SMS

Public pages

The public pages consist of the following features:

  • City pages that include status of the air quality - Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Graphical presentation of air quality data from the stations,
  • Dynamic map showing the stations within a city, and also showing the AQI
  • Information on the monitoring network in the city
  • Relevant links.

The AirOnline application also offers a national portal solution where several cities can have one common national network. The national portal displays a list of all the cities, the air quality index for each city and provides the public with a good overview of the air quality situation within their country at any time.

The AirOnline system is being implemented in several countries already.

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