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Air quality management - from traffic management to environmental traffic management

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Traffic management systems are commonly used to optimize traffic flow in urban areas, e.g. to prevent traffic congestion. However, the regulation of traffic flows can also be used to control traffic induced emissions and therefore affects air quality. To use a traffic management system as an instrument for the benefit of air quality, the application requires reliable information about the current air pollution along all major traffic routes. This can be provided by the online modelling system IMMISmt. The system consists of a combination of linked air quality models using online traffic, weather and station data to monitor the citywide distribution of pollutants within the streets. In addition it can be operated in offline mode with archived data to assess various regulation scenarios. Thus IMMISmt enables traffic management systems to be used as Environmental Traffic Management System.

In recent years, the application of Environmental Traffic Management Systems has been subject to extended research e.g. within the framework of the project 'iQ mobility”. Here IMMISmt is used to develop situation-related operational control measures and to monitor the current air pollution for the City of Berlin. The quality of the monitoring system, the efficiency of measures in reducing NO2 and PM10 and the practicability of the system were tested in a field study in autumn 2007.

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