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Air quality photochemical study over Amazonia Area, Brazil


This work presents the results of a photochemical modelling system composed of MM5–SMOKE–CMAQ on Brazilian Amazonia area, been a pioneered implementation task. These results focus on the biogenic and biomass burning emissions and the impact of these emissions on regional air quality. Global and local anthropogenic emissions data, satellite–derived biomass burning inventories, and biogenic emissions calculated with MEGAN model were used to estimate emissions over the domain. The goal is the development of air quality model input data for CMAQ. Results are consistent with O3formation theory and CO hotspot concentration matches with the geographic area of biomass burning.

Keywords: Amazonia, photochemical air quality, SMOKE emissions processing, CMAQ forecasting, Brazil, air pollution, SMOKE–CMAQ models, dispersion modelling, anthropogenic emissions, biomass burning, biogenic emissions

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