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Air Sentry Desiccant Breathers


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Enluse B.V. is  supplier of Air Sentry® breathers that increase efficiency, prolong fluid life, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

 In a series of 4 we’ll discuss successively:

·         D-Series: Disposable stationary applications

·         X-Series: High Humidity/High Dust

·         M-Series: Heavy Duty Applications

·         Z-Series: Limited space applications

D-Series: Stationary applications

D-Series breathers feature models in a variety of sizes to satisfy the requirements of most stationary fluid management applications.

Typical applications:

·         Fluid reservoirs

·         Pumps

·         Storage tanks

·         Gearboxes

·         Transformers

D-Series models provide application flexibility by utilization of either 100% silica gel for moisture adsorption or 100% activated carbon for fumes or odors control, or a mixture of both when necessary.

The D-Series is constructed of industrial grade raw materials. Tested to ensure a wide range of chemical compatibilities, and features high impact resistant ABS top and bottom caps.

The clear acrylic tube makes it easy to inspect the condition of the color-changing silica gel. Turning from gold to dark green to visually indicate the adsorption of moisture.

All D-Series models feature 2 micron solid particle filtration and are available with airflow ratings of 35 cfm to 250 cfm.

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