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Air stripper protection


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Project profile: Arizona chemicals, wastewater from chemical plant

End User: Arizona Chemicals, Water Treatment Plant
Location: Panama City, FL
Commissioned: August 22, 2005
Units: (1) FDB-12P HDBF installed between
Flow Rate: the IGF and the Air Stripper
Proces: 120 gpm (0.2 Million Gallons/Day), Resin Plant Waste Water

Process Description

The Arizona Chemicals facility in Panama City, Florida, produces a variety of adhesive products. The waste water from these various processes were treated via a floatation cell and then passed through an air stripper prior to plant discharge.
The air stripper was fouling rapidly causing plant shutdown for stripper cleaning. A pilot test was conducted to determine if filtering the water, prior to sending it to the stripper, would significantly increase the duration between stripper cleanings.

The test showed that the filter can continuously produce clean water, less than 1ppm of oil and 1ppm of solids at 0.45 micron. Even if the inlet concentrations increased by a factor of 5 or 10, the unit still discharge requirements. After a successful test, a production size unit was installed.

Since installation, the air stripper has yet to be cleaned where it had previously been cleaned 4 to 6 times a year. By installing the filter the costs associated with cleaning the stripper, causing plant shut down, and the potential of not meeting the discharge permit have been eliminated. 

Customer comments

  1. By Dieter Klaus Hofmann on

    Hi looks good, can you do any thing in cooling water loops