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AIRE-O2® Aerators tests number one in three critical areas - Case Study


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In 1986, this southern USA fine paper mill developed problems on start-up from a Christmas shut-down, requiring quick action to add efficient aeration to its 38 MGD (143,830 m 3) flow. Poor winter treatment, channeling throught the system, and high solids had also been problems. Since the company was committed to preserving the environment, it searched for the best aerators to meet its needs.


Two 75 hp (55 kW) AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators were chosen because of its oxygen transfer and mixing efficiencies, fast delivery, and easy installation. The staff was so impressed with the aerator’s performance, they decided to do tests comparing one of the new sub-surface AIRE-O2® aerators to one of the mill’s existing 75 hp (55 kW) surface aerators. In controlled field evaluation, the AIRE-O2® aerators tested best in dissolved oxygen levels; maintained higher suspended solids; and velocities (mixing) were 48% better.


Besides the excellent mixing, the mill discovered more benefits. 'The AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators do not generate the foam of surface splasher type aerators that can cause problems.' The mill staff reported, 'Odor control, winter performance efficiency, energy reduction, and maintenance reductions' are added benefits. 'Our maintenance department is pleased with the AIRE-O2® aeration system’s mechanical performance.'

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