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Alabama - community case study


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In December of 2007, the Grand Bay Alabama Water Works Board, developed plans for an expansion of the Breitling Elementary School Waste Water Treatment Plant in Grand Bay, Alabama. In an area hit hard by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, infrastructure improvements tike this were needed to bring people back and get their lives back to normal. The original system consisted of nine textile wastewater treatment modules. The second phase consisted of additional capacity for 30,000 gallons per day and was brought about by the addition of a new subdivision on the system as well as commercial growth, that included a McDonald's, Subway and a truck stop with several other businesses at the nearly exit of 1-10 for Grand Bay In addition to treatment capacity being increased, three new dispersal fields consisting of 1350 Infiltrator chambers were added.

The utility chose Quanics to provide the treatment capacity for the second phase. The system consisted of a single 35,000-gallon fiberglass dosing tank. Three duplex STEP systems dosed the effluent to six ATS-16-AC, Aerocell treatment modules. The open cell foam media has proven to be a reliable, long-lasting product that will treat wastewater to acceptable levels before discharge to the leaching chamber fields. The Aerocell system was chosen for its competitive initial cost, ease of installation, as well as ease of maintenance for the long term.

After installation of the tank, the six Aerocell modules were placed on the surface of the ground next to the existing treatment modules from Phase I. The new installation blended seamlessly with the Phase I installation and the project went online the next month. Grand Bay Utilities maintains the new system. Buddy McGregor, Utility Manager, indicated they have been pleased with its performance, as well as its ease of service over the Phase I textile treatment system.

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