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Ålands Water chooses reliable Primozone system


Courtesy of Primozone Production AB

Primozone Production AB installed a new ozone treatment system on the island of Åland, Finland, in June 2007.

The plant supplies 475 m³/h of drinking water to the population of Mariehamn, which is the larger part of Åland's 27.000 inhabitants, and which doubles during the summer season. Åland is an archipelago of 6.500 islands. The process disinfects the water and removes colour and taste from humus.
Primozone replaces three air-fed generators
The turnkey delivery consisted of two independent lines, each with:

  • Ozone generator Primozone GM-18, rated at 900 g O3/h with ozone concentration of 200 g O3/ Nm³O2
  • Oxygen generator Oxymat O 100, rated at 6,1 Nm³ O2/h at 4 bar (g) with purity > 93 %
  • Compressor Kaeser SM 12, delivering 1200 l/min at 7.5 bar
  • Venturi mixing system Mazzei 4091 SS

The plant has been running without interruption and supplied drinking water of excellent quality since Primozone installed the new treatment system.

The MD at Ålands Vatten AB, Mr Christian Nordas says 'When the old ozone generators were worn out we decided to replace them with a new generation of ozone generators from Primozone. The Primozone ozone generator system is very reliable and has since the installation worked very well indeed. The production of both ozone and oxygen gas exactly follows the fluctuations we have in the water flow which means that the energy consumption has decreased substantially compared with the old system. We are very happy indeed.'

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