Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Albany times union newspaper Albany, New York - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Type of Facility – Existing (EB)
  • Function – Commercial Printing
  • Area – 17,000 sf printing bay
  • Project Completed – 2010

Challenge: Remove noxious ink smell from inside a large commercial newspaper printing facility. An antiquated rolling media filter system was ineffective at removing the heavy ink smell inside the facility. There was a perception of dirty air and complaints and concerns from workers about health and safety.

Solution: Dynamic V-Banks and Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems. Dynamic V-Bank Air Cleaners were installed in twelve 4’ x 4’ drop return duct inlets inside the printing bay. Downstream of the V-Banks, Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were installed in a mixed air unit. Outdoor ventilation air also passes through the V8 system.

Additionally, the new system was carefully sealed to prevent any air bypass and the filtration system was tied into new actuators and a new building control system.