Algae and Duckweed Control


Courtesy of Bio-Systems International

Problem: A campground in Illinois was having consistant algae and duckweed problems in their lake - an important campground attraction. The lake would take on a muddy appearance with little visibility below the surface of the water. The banks were being clogged with algae, duckweed and other vegetation.

Solution: In early May of 1998, the campground contacted BIO-SYSTEMS Corporation, who recommended their B600 Algae and Duckweed Control product. An initial 50 pounds was added to the lake, with only minimal maintenance thereafter.

Results: The Campground was shocked to see night-and-day results in only 2 weeks! Their algae problem was noticeably reduced and the lake turned a clean blue color. Additionally, visibility below the surface was much improved.

The Campground still uses BIO-SYSTEMS products to maintain the beauty of their lake. Their algae and duckweed problems have not returned since starting the program.

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