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Algae Removal case study


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Best results are achieved with standing water or contained systems. The product works by eating the nutrients that the Algae require thus preventing growth. When used as directed the products are harmless to people and marine life.

Algae thrive on nutrients that are present in water, probably due to run off from fields and or treated water discharge. The algae can be controlled very easily, conveniently and inexpensively using our material EU100. The product is supplied as a powder in water-soluble pouches these are simply thrown onto the surface of the pond or lake.

The maturation pond pictured above had a very severe algae problem, which had existed for months. EU100 was added at 3gm per m2 of surface area for three days then 0.5gm

per day for the next three weeks. After two months the pond was clear. This pond had severe algae build up that required longer treatment than normally required and yet EU100 still gave excellent results

EU100 has been used for this purpose in the ornamental gardens of stately homes and hotels, golf courses and holiday centres. It is also ideal for use in smaller garden ponds.

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