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All About Anti Bacterial Best Steam Cleaners


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The rather grandiose name, anti bacterial best steam cleaners, provides most of the information about these machines. These are the best steam cleaning machines that sanitize the surface in addition to cleaning it.

Why Choose Anti Bacterial Machines?
Floor steamers clean the hard surfaces by their high temperature output. The temperature can reach up to 386ºF. Many species of harmful bacteria and fungi perish when exposed to this range of high temperature output. However, these certain harmful microorganisms can survive such high temperatures.

That means ordinary machines can clean the hard surfaces and sanitize them to some extent. The anti bacterial best steam cleaners, on the other hand, can clean and sanitize the surfaces almost completely. These machines are equipped with a technology to remove the disease-causing microorganisms selectively. Ordinary machines do not have any filter, while anti bacterial best steam cleaners are equipped with filters, that too HEPA filters.

These are the reasons why these machines are used popularly to clean hospitals and nursing homes. The following parts of this article provide a detailed account of both the advantages of anti bacterial best steam cleaners.

Anti Bacterial Technology
A sophisticated anti-bacterial technology present in a steam cleaning equipment is able to remove up to 99 percent of commonly occurring disease-causing bacteria and fungi, such as Escherichia coli or Listeria.

Professional steam cleaners equipped with this technology are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes. These vapor steam cleaners are used particularly for cleaning bath rooms and toilets, where disease-causing microorganisms are found in abundance.

Filters are often found in steam vacuum cleaners. These machines can purify both air and water. There are two kinds of filters, which are HEPA filters and HEPA-like filters. These are not the same things. HEPA filters are real powerful filters that can extract even very small particles. It is estimated that steam vacuum cleaners equipped with true HEPA filters can extract dust particles of size as low as 3 microns.

On the other hand, HEPA-like filters do not have the same efficiency. These filters, too, can extract dust particles, but cannot extract the minute particles.

Prospective buyers of professional steam cleaners must understand this difference. It is better to choose steam cleaning equipment having true HEPA filters. Such machines are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and care homes where asthma and allergy patients are treated.

Even small quantities of dust particles can cause allergies to asthma and allergy patients. Vapor steam cleaners equipped with an anti-bacterial technology and HEPA filters ensure their relief.

Go for the best brands and get the best machines for your cleaning requirements. Research the Internet thoroughly and only then select a machine. You cannot just rely on tall claims made by various brands. Check for all the above mentioned features before you decide to buy a particular machine. If you are running a cleaning business, be extra careful, as the profit and reputation of your business depends on the quality of cleaning your deliver, which in turn depends upon the type of machines used.

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