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The many different health and safety laws and regulations can be understandably difficult to get to grips with it, but do the tools to help you implement them have to be? With the right health and safety software suited to you and your business, you can look forward to an educated and, most importantly, safe working environment.

Health and safety software has been designed with employers and employees in mind. There’s no menu after menu to scroll through here - it’s meant to be easy and simple. Located within your learning management system, you’re never more than a few clicks away from finding the information you need.
Who Uses Health and Safety Software?

The responsibilities of health and safety apply to everyone in a workplace, no matter their stature. From the cleaner to the CEO, every member of the workforce has the responsibility of sticking to health and safety guidelines. Managers in charge of conducting risk assessments have the added responsibility of making sure everything is as it should be and what steps need to be taken if not.

Within their roles, health and safety managers will be tasked with ensuring that the workplace is in-line with current guidelines. A business-wide assessment can be a time-consuming and meticulous job which will only get harder if the manager is still depending on their old pen and paper. Not only is this a slow, outdated method, but it can often lead to incorrect data with long-reaching implications for the company as a whole.

By accessing their exclusive section within a learning management system, health and safety managers are able to collate information effectively and securely. One of the pitfalls of a paper-based system is how easily details can be waylaid or miscommunicated. Worse still, a severe safety breach such as a fire can destroy all of your records which poses a problem for something like insurance claims. 

Why Invest in Health and Safety Software?
Investing in health and safety software prevents this issue by granting a manager or executive secure access to an area within their learning management system that can only be accessed by them – if set up correctly, they could be the only person within the organisation to be able to edit and control the information. This is a huge boost for confidentiality and essentially prevents your assessment data from being tampered with or stolen.

Risk assessments should be viewed as a necessity by all businesses, they have been proven to prevent accidents in the future by highlighting what needs to be fixed in the present. As you would expect, a great deal of time and effort needs to go into a risk assessment to get the job done properly which is why health and safety software is so highly desired.

One of the many benefits of investing in this sought-after software is that it can increase your efficiency for utilising the data itself. Having all the information present within your learning management system means that you can easily export it on request, ideal if a health and safety governing body is asking for reports. A health and safety manager will be able to export it in an email, print it off or download a copy for use elsewhere. Choosing to do your assessments on paper won’t give you this kind of ease.

To put this into practice, imagine carrying around reams of paper when conducting a risk assessment versus something lightweight such a tablet. Accessing your learning management software via the tablet will give you a simple and effective method for recording results. If you want to look up something else, you need only go within the interface and find it. A paper-based system, however, will be disorganised and difficult to find the exact thing you need, especially if you’re on the move. 

We Supply Health and Safety Software

There are different kinds of health and safety software but each should be viewed as a necessity to maintain health and safety standards. Aside from tools to aid in risk assessments, there are also those dedicated to helping managers to record accidents/incidents if needed for later inspection. 

If you’re a health and safety manager, be sure to check out this software as it could be the little thing that makes your role a lot easier.  

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