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Courtesy of SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

Those looking for a single source for the provision of specialistcleaning services for the oil and gas industry need look no furtherthan Surface Active Solutions.“We are a solutions providing company,” says managing directorand founder John Harrison, “and in our approach the chemistryis always key. We specialise in MicroEmulsions Technology, ourpatented chemical cleaning technology. We have a uniquechemistry, and therefore bring to the market place a unique set ofcapabilities.”These capabilities include not only expert cleaning but alsoinnovative and integrated waste management solutions. Keyapplication areas include mud pit and vessel cleaning, drillcuttings cleaning and liquid slops treatment, involving thecompany at every point in the supply chain from offshore drilling,downhole remediation and tank cleaning operations to onshorerefinery waste treatment.Established in 2000 as a direct result of Harrison winning theprestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh and Scottish EnterpriseResearch Fellowship award in oil and gas, the company’s patentprotected technology gives them an entirely unique standing in acompetitive market.“Waste management is a very significant headache and expensiveoperation for many operators, and other chemistries on themarket tend not to think that far ahead. Our technology isdesigned to carry out not just an efficient cleaning operation butalso to enable resource recovery so that clients can manage thewaste stream and recover oil, clean water and clean solids forrecycling or discharge.”Based in Grangemouth with a sister company in Houston, USA,Surface Active Solutions has an impressive world-wide client baseand project portfolio. The strength of their client relationships istestament to the company’s success, growing in eight years from asimple two man operation to a company with a seven figureannual turnover.“We dedicate a lot of focus and energy towards client satisfaction”,says Harrison. “Because we are a solutions provider we must workvery closely with our clients. One great advantage we have is thatwe are independent. We don’t have any particular axe to grind orget tied up with internal politics as a large multi-national might.We are incentivised to give the operator and client the best serviceand to promote the best solution, not just the best technologicalsolution but also the most financially sound solution.”Surface Active Solutions is currently forging strategic partnershipswith major industry players to become key technology suppliers,both on a grand scale and on a project by project basis. Meetingthe challenge of market resistance to new technology head on, thetime seems very ripe indeed for such innovative cleaning andrecovery

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