All New Datalogic 3000 Data Collection Platform Offers Robust Communication, Processing


Working hard to help our customers efficiently meet their growing data acquisition, management and control demands, we are proud to introduce the Stevens DL3000 (Stevens DataLogic 3000) data collection platform. The Steven’s DL3000 is a powerful, versatile and scalable data logger. Adopting state-of-the-art data processing technology, the DL3000 is ready to meet your data acquisition, processing, control (SCADA) and communications requirements.




32 bit processor. At the core of the SL3000 is a 32-bit ARM Ltd. and Microchip Inc. dsPIC microprocessor for robust data collection and processing capabilities. The 32-bit ARM facilitates the support of multiple vendors’ devices, and easily ports code between them in a single integrated development environment. Compared to lower data bit processors, the 32-bit ARM increases the volume and efficiency of processing I/O data tasks at very low power consumption. For more information on microprocessors, please read Understanding Microprocessors, Advantages of 32-bit CPUs and DSPs.


The digital signal processing integrated circuit (dsPIC) optimizes high-speed data manipulation, real-time applications, communications, image processing, data acquisition, and control.


Multiple communication interface options. The DL3000 communication includes four (4) RS232 serial ports, RS 422/485, CAN Bus, optional Modbus, high-speed USB 2.0, removable SD memory card, Internet accessibility, and Ethernet. Choose the Ethernet option to communicate with the PC over long distances, on a local area network (LAN), and even over the Internet. Some communication interface can be done via Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless technology.


User Interface and configuration options include touch screen LCD display, Windows PC / PDA software, and generic terminal program.


Enormous memory. The DL3000 has 2 gigabytes of internal, non-volatile memory plus expandable memory using SD card (the same kind used in digital cameras, PDA’s and PCs). Currently SD cards can store up to 8 gigabytes of data.

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