All That You Need to Know About Metal Fabricated Pressure Vessels

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Think of the balloon that sometimes bursts out with a noise while being blown at. We at once know that it bursts out as it fails to withstand the excess pressure. However, for obvious reasons we cannot expect the same out of metal fabricated pressure vessels that are used for numerous industrial applications in factories, plants and manufacturing sites. There are several factors that need to be known in order to know about pressure vessels and how they operate under various conditions.

What are Pressure Vessels?

These metal-made closed containers are known for their highly precise and critical construction that renders them the capacity to contain gases and fluids (which may or may not be toxic/harmful) at a pressure that is much higher than the ambient pressure. Metal fabricated pressure vessels are widely used in almost every production or manufacturing unit that requires transferring, containing, or disposing harmful fluids, solids, semi-solids and gaseous elements. Pressure vessels are designed to perform the assigned tasks with ultimate safety, security, and protection. There are several applications that require operating under cryogenic atmosphere and pressure vessels are used for all those purposes.


What is the Engineering Technology that is used for fabricating Pressure Vessels?

It is important to pay the highest level of attention to the engineering technology used for fabrication of metallic pressure vessels as even the slightest of loopholes in construction can lead to fatal accidents. Reliable manufacturing companies that are involved in the designing of metal fabricated pressure vessels pay maximum attention to this aspect. Hence, there is a rising emphasis on official certificates ensuring safety and security factors. Holding pressurized substances, pressure vessels are meant to possess higher tensile and mechanical strength to avoid any kind of leakage and explosion. In this context, metal fabricated pressure vessels are of much importance. These are ideally constructed of stainless steel. Steel being highly malleable, versatile and durable; it is typically used for the fabrication purpose of pressure vessels as varied fabrication techniques can be used on the metal. Three different types of engineering technologies that are used for metal fabricated pressure vessels are welding, work hardening, and machining. 

What are the Typical Industrial Applications of Metal Fabricated Pressure Vessels?

A wide gamut of industrial as well as commercial and domestic applications is carried out with the help of metallic pressure vessels and hence the usage can be found in the following industrial applications:

Industrial compressed air receivers

Domestic hot water storage tanks

Diving cylinders 

Recompression chambers

Distillation towers

Pressure reactors


Oil refinery and mining operations

Petrochemical plants

Nuclear reactor vessels

Submarine and spaceship habitats

Hydraulic reservoirs

Pneumatic reservoirs

Rail vehicle airbrake reservoirs

Storage vessels for liquefied gases like ammonia, chlorine and the cabin pressurization loads.

Importance of choosing an expert pressure vessel fabricator

Any metal fabricated pressure vessel needs to fulfill industrial requirements such as utmost quality-assurance and flawless endurance levels. Hence, it becomes the most crucial factor to choose an expert metal fabricator for the same. Following are the aspects that should be considered while selecting the company that manufactures metal-fabricated pressure vessels:

The selected firm should be an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code certified company.

The firm should hold critical stamps like U, U2, U3, S and PP that cater to the customized as well as standard requirements of the clients.

It is also advisable for the firm to hold the National Board R-Repair Stamp, as this will enable you to engage the services of the same firm for future maintenance and repair

For repair and maintenance requirement, it is suggested to select the original manufacturer of metal fabricated pressure vessels.

Remember that pressure vessels and manufacturing the same involves a lot of risk factors and hence companies manufacturing metal fabricated pressure vessels are expected to employ the highest level of efficiency and latest testing capabilities.

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