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Alliance Oxidizer Advantages

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The Alliance Corporations Oxidizer product line has a lot of design advantages compared with standard Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers.

- Proven 2- and 3 bed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Design

- 99% plus VOC Destruction Efficiency

- Up to 97% Thermal Efficiency

- Up to 30% fuel savings with proven natural gas injection

- Low NOx burner operation

- In-house design, programming and manufacturing, no outsourcing

- All RTOs completely factoty pre-assembled and tested

- Top quality components and materials only, no cutting corners when

  it comes to reliability

- State-of-the-art controls with detailled proven software that is self     diagnosing and correcting

- Digital burner air/fuel ratio control

- All metal surfaces chemically etched before coating is applied

- Low profile RTO design

- Structured RTO media for excellent flow distribution

- Flexible delivery time depending on customer needs

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