Allweiler delivers its largest lube-oil module to Finnish power plant

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Courtesy of ALLWEILER GmbH

The Pump Skid business segment of Allweiler AG was chosen to deliver the entire lubrication-oil module for Finland’s Olkiluoto 3, the world’s largest power plant. Four Allweiler centrifugal pumps will handle pumping of lubrication oil. The lubrication oil tank holds 123 m3. It is the largest unit of this type that Allweiler has ever delivered. Planning for the system began in2004. The power plant will generate 1600 MW and is expected to go on-line in 2010.

Allweiler planned and designed the entire lubricating-oil skid with selected strategic partners. Two centrifugal pumps of the NSS series move up to 655 m3 of lubrication oil per hour at working pressure of 5.5 bar. Two additional pumps of the same series are present as reserve and emergency oil pumps. Due to its size, the system cannot be delivered fully assembled like most others. Each module, such as the tank, oil cleaner, oil cleaner, and oil filter will be delivered individually and installed in the power plant's oil room. For this reason, Allweiler had to calculate and align the installations and stainless-steel pipe connections before the modules even left its plant, thereby preventing the need for
additional adjustments at the installation site. Besides the extensive quality documentation and special size-related technical requirements, this was one of largest challenges during design of the system.

Unsurprisingly, Finland's atomic energy authorities demanded the highest possible quality standards and external tests, including level-3 tests of all welded connections by certified testers.

'We received this order for two main reasons,' according to Stefan Kleinmann, director of pumps skids at Allweiler AG: 'First, because we have a tremendous amount of experience with complex auxiliary systems for power plants - from design to installation. And second, we have a long-standing and successful relationship with turbine manufacturer Siemens AG.' Lubricating oil skids are a central part of Allweiler AG's Pump Skid division. The lubrication oil modules supply the turbines, the gearing, and the generators with lube oil, which is continuously and automatically filtered, aerated, and cooled inside the system. Within power plants, lubricating oil skids are 'VICs' (very important components) because they are essential for safe and uninterrupted generation of electricity. A failure of the system could result in millions of euros worth of damage.

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